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"Country Report" -Deakin

Another little dabble with music. A remix, really.

Bored and too uninspired to write, I decided I’d make a song. First real attempt at piecing something together. It’s refreshing to learn and feel as if I’m learning.

A song of uncertainty and fear and all the emotions inside that I cannot escape nor evade nor hide. The fright of love, the fright of finding what I might become or what I may be.


First single from the upcoming album “Cruel Runnings” out May 27th!

I’ve been looking for something I wish I had found,

A part of me I already thought was unbound

By the actions I’d taken, those regretful streams

Of loving, of dreaming. They now slip unseen.

These tears, do they break some manly being?

If I cry can I leave and sing to myself

The song I have written but never knew how to read?

Tomorrow will the words all feel right to me?


To the new year!


Oh well -to 2014!

Hahaha a silly, rhyming rant right that conscious me is absolutely embarrassed of.

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Song says it all!